Monday, July 30, 2018

Variety Spice

This weekend I played a few hours of No Man's Sky. I purchased this game on Steam when it first came out. I found it novel, but the novelty of procedurally generated content tends to fade at the point at which the "infinite" worlds all start to look the same (about 36 hours according to Steam). I concluded that it had potential if the developers put more work into the game to expand the variety of things to do.

Anyway, I heard about the big "Next" patch and went in to check it out. I did get off the first planet by following the tutorial/instruction. Starting players out on a hostile, radiation heavy planet is a good way to get people to go into space early in the game. Last time I played, I stayed on the starting planet for many days of gameplay and just explored there. While there were hints on what to do, I got the exploration vibe of figuring out a very different than the games I have been playing for years, which is all I was really looking for.

 The questions is: will I stick with NMS or was it just a fling? I should give it more time to see some of the other changes, but it has a lot of competition on my computer. Personally, I favor sandbox games in which there is not a lot of hand holding, so NMS fits that preference. But I also like games that offer a variety of types of content, e.g. resource gathering, exploring, surveying, building, questing and I haven't played enough NMS to see if it has enough to do.

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