Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Screenshots vs Immersion

I have the same relationship with screenshots as I do with photos. I love looking at them, but hate taking them. Taking a photo, especially a good one, takes me out of the moment. I have to stop participating and shift to observing which is a very different activity. Participating in an event is where I find fun and joy. It seems worthwhile to devote some time to invest in a photo, because that will extend the enjoyment of the event to later times and/or to other people.

Much like my goal for this blog, a screenshot puts me in a “meta” state that causes me to think about what a game is and what it means to me. Some screenshots can come close to art as some game visual can be amazing, but that artistic quality shot takes an investment of time, composition and editing. Those screenshots can memorialize a game or experience, but are rare. My dad used to take a lot of posed pictures of our family. That style of picture taking is pretty passé in these days of the ubiquitous selfies. Although come to think of it, he used a camera tripod and timer to get into the family photos himself, so those were early selfies too. Most screenshots, like this blog, are more fleeting and spontaneous, but with luck can offer a bit of humor or a snapshot of an experience you want to convey. Even a quick screenshot can be worth a thousand words.

I know I always enjoy blogs that have a few pictures. So I will strive to add pictures to my blog and see what those images have to say.

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